Why You Should Be Prepared for a Disaster

You never know when the next major disaster could happen.Emergency tools, survival pack, emergency essentials, survival kit

It could be anything from a powerful storm that knocks out power, to an invading army.

No matter what the disaster is its always better to be prepared and not need anything rather then need a survival pack and not have it.

With how the world is now its even more important to keep some emergency tools stored.

Terrorist attacks have become more frequent, the weather has been drastically changing, and governments move to have more control over their populace.

Disasters have been growing in size over the years as well.Emergency essentials, survival kit, emergency tools, survival pack

I was in one of the units that got called to Haiti after the earthquake that devastated the landscape.

There were people sleeping in the streets because they had nothing left.

This could happen in an instance anywhere, which is a very good reason to keep some supplies stored.

Keeping some emergency supplies stashed away can also reduce your worry or fear of not being prepared in case a disaster hits.

Emergency tools can be stored in a safe spot and ready to go when needed.

I like to keep enough water stored in our basement to survive a week if need be.Survival pack, emergency tools, emergency essentials

I also get MRE’s for food, while they may taste like cardboard, they do keep you alive.

If you would like to get a cheap ready to go pack, full of emergency tools that you can store and forget, check out my review of Ready America 3 day 2 person pack here.

There is a very good and informative article on the reason to be prepared on fema.gov, which you can read by clicking here.

I hope you guys stay safe and prepared.

I’ll see you around…

Caveman Survivalist