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What to put in a 3 Day Survival Pack: 18 Must Have Items (Updated)

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Figuring out what to put in a 3 day survival pack can be a difficult task,

especially when you have no idea what you should have.

It can be much easier then you think…

I’ll show you how to build a survival pack, by giving you an

idea of what’s important to have stashed away and even give you some extra ideas on items to include.

But first…

Take a second to look at what’s going on in the world…

We have wars, huge natural disasters, and man-made disasters

that keep getting larger and more powerful with each passing year.

At this point it is more important to be ready in case one of these major

disasters happens by you.

You don’t have to be all crazy with it,

like some of these people who stockpile food and supplies that will last years,

but you should have some emergency essential items set aside in case of a disaster.

If something happens on a massive scale the government will not be able to help you.Survival pack, emergency tools, emergency essentials

Don’t think that the government will be able to help,

they will have their hands full at the time,

so you will need to fend for yourself and for your family.

Have a plan set that you can follow in case something happens,

make sure your family knows the plan in case you aren’t together when disaster strikes.

Now, lets get right to the details for your own 3 day survival pack…

These items can help you make a survival backpack list that you can use to keep track of what you have and what you need.

  1. Water- you can survive 3 days without water. This is why water is in the number one spot. I like to keep at least 4 cases of water stored in my basement in the event of an emergency or disaster. I then rotate my water supply to keep it fresh since we don’t drink faucet water. This all depends on where you plan to stay in an emergency. If you have a bug out location, store water there. In a bug out bag you can get items like a Lifestraw to filter water where ever you are at. You can also store some water in your pack that way you can grab and go if things get crazy.
  2. Food- make sure you have a good amount of food stored away for your family. If you have a survival pack make sure you store at least 3 days of food in it. This could be anything from M.R.E.s to protein bars. There are a ton of different options for storing food. We recently started canning our food to store. Pressure cooking canning can store food for up to 5 years. We store food in packs as well as in the basement just in case something happens. My family each has a pack set up for 3 days of survival, so make sure you pack enough food for that amount of time.Survival kit
  3. First Aid Kit- There are a ton of basic first aid kits out there, but in a survival situation you could be dealing with way more then just the basic scratches and cuts. You need something that’s more versatile and can be used for bone breaks, larger wounds, and major burns. These kits contain large bandages, tourniquets, and different medications to help keep you alive. I go into more detail on effective first aid kits here.

OK, I know what you’re thinking…

There’s a ton more important items to be added to this list!

You are correct, and we will go into more details below…

Lets talk about some tools that are important for your survival backpack

  1. Fire starting kitFire Starting Tools- This can be anything from a lighter to matches. You can also get a magnesium fire starter, but whatever you get make sure it will be good in wind, water, and whatever else could be thrown at you. There are some fire starting kits you can buy that have everything in a waterproof case, so if one fails you have multiple other sources for fire!
  2. Knife- There are many things you can use a knife for in a survival situation. They can aid in making shelters, hunting, defending and cutting. Its best to have a good versatile knife for these situations. Get one that is a fixed blade with a full tang for the best strength. I found a very good article on getting the best survival knife on The Art of Manliness.emergency essential, survival pack, emergency kit, survival kit
  3. Multi-tool- These are handy to have as you can get everything from a screwdriver to a saw blade. The great thing with a multi-tool is you can store it right on your belt in a pouch and always have a small toolbox no matter where you are!
  4. Entrenching Tool- you can get some pretty need entrenching tools that serve multiple purposes. Definitely handy when you need to dig a hole or even chop wood. I managed to find one such tool that has a axe blade, serrated cutting edge, Para cord, fire starting supplies and bottle opener. These can be attached to the outside of your pack as well, so it won’t take up room inside, just add a little more weight. Check out this entrenching tool if you are interested in getting your own.

This is the point…survival pack

Where I talk about something beginning peppers are usually mistaken on.

Guns and ammo… and I mean a lot of guns and ammo.

While it can be important in a hostile environment to have these guns and ammo, you also need to think about the weight.

If you store tons of guns and ammo in your house then have to leave quickly, what happens to all your stuff?

It goes to whoever decides to raid your house.

Personally I keep a 9 mm and an AR-15 in my house.

That’s what I used in the military and I know them inside and out.emergency pack

I keep enough ammo that in the event I need to leave in a hurry I can take it all with me,

leaving nothing to whoever wants to raid my house.

Each person has a different opinion and view on this,

but if you are a new prepper I would suggest getting everything else in order first,

then worry about getting a ton of ammo and guns if you so desire.

That’s not all…

There are still a ton of things you can add to your 3 day survival pack, such as:

  1. Blanket or Sleeping Bag- This is necessary in colder climates, especially if you have to camp outside. You don’t want to be caught out in freezing weather without some way to stay warm, so make sure you have a blanket or sleeping bag handy.
  2. Medications- If you have pills or anything you need to take to stay healthy make sure you have it stashed away in your bag as well. That way if an emergency situation happens you have a stash hidden away to keep you going.
  3. Flashlight- Having a flashlight with extra batteries will help you see when out in the woods or if the power ends up going out. You can also store some chem lights if you want a backup to the flashlight.survival kit
  4. Windup or Battery Operated Radio- This will give you an idea of what’s going on around you, and help you avoid areas that are dangerous. You only need a small one to fit in your pack, something like this one. You can also get ones that function as flashlights and cell phone charges, so you can have multiple uses for it.
  5. Cell Phone- As long as we still have communications up a cell phone can be used to get a hold of relatives and friends.
  6. Compass and Local Maps- This will help you get around to different areas and can help map out the areas to avoid while on the move.
  7. Tent or Hammock- If you have the room and can spare the weight these items can help keep you comfortable while sleeping. I would personally recommend a tent if you can carry it, as this will keep you warmer and provides relief from some of the weather.
  8. Extra Set of Clothes- More of a comfort item, but not a bad idea to have a second set of clothes to change into so you can wash the other set.

Now what about a pack to store all this in?

I have a review over a decent military pack that you can view here.

I choose this pack because it is comfortable and I know it will work for a 3 day survival pack.

This is my main pack for our family camping trips, and its held up with no issues.

You want a pack that is comfortable to you, but is also durable enough to survive a harsh environment.

I’m a person fan of military packs, but there are a ton of hiking and camping packs out there for you to choose from.

Building a bug out bag is not hard, especially when you know the important items to include.

If you are interested in just buying a pre-made bug out bag that you don’t have to worry about building yourself, you can check out this pre-made bag here.emergency pack

This survival backpack list from amazon includes…

(4) Food Bars (2400 Calorie)*
(4) Boxes of Water (1 Liter) *
(4) Emergency Ponchos
(4) Survival Blankets
(1) Emergency Power Station: Flashlight/AM-FM Radio/Siren/ Cell Phone Charger
(1) Duct Tape (10 yards)
(1) Multi-Function Pocket Tool
(1) First-Aid Kit (107 piece)
(4) Emergency Lightsticks (12-hr)
(8) 10” Nitrile Gloves
(4) Safety Goggles
(4) Niosh N-95 Dust Mask
(4) Pocket Tissue Packs
(1) Pair of Leather Gloves
(1) Emergency Whistle
(12)Pre-Moistened Towelettes
(3) Bio-Hazard Bags
(1) Backpack

I hope that this information has helped you out and I plan to bring more content out in the coming weeks.

Stay safe,

Caveman Survivalist

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