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Why You Should Be Prepared for the Next Disaster

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I never used to be prepared for anything, always living day to day. emergency essentials, survival pack, survival kit,

Then I joined the military and got a huge dose of reality as to what’s really going on in the world. I got to experience everything from war to natural disasters. I spent 7 months in Iraq, 8 months out on ship in various countries, and 3 months in Haiti after the earthquake devastated the landscape and towns there in 2010. After experiencing all this it made me realize how I need to be prepared in case war or some natural disaster was to ever hit America.

Yes, it is quite possible for something to devastate America.

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It could be a terrorist, hurricane, tornado…

the list goes on and on. Just look at a hurricane such as Katrina, which killed 1000-2000 people and left millions of people without power.

Then there’s earthquakes like the ones off the coast of Alaska which took power from thousands in Anchorage.

Not to mention all the times we have had some for of a attack, such as the twin towers or people being attacked at Ohio State University.

So now that we have all the doom and gloom out of the way I will try to provide some light.

After I realized all this I was stressed and worried about not being prepared in the case of something happening. I went out, got myself a concealed carry license so I could protect my family, and started coming up with a emergency kit and plan. I made sure everyone I knew and trusted was told the plan. emergency essentials, survival pack, emergency kit

I even set up an emergency pack that I could grab and go if needed. I wanted to make sure my family would be safe if something was to ever happen. That became my biggest reason for preparing for a emergency situation. If you have no other reason for wanting to stash some supplies away think about your family. Even if you never need to use the supplies at least they will be close by. Its better to have supplies stored and never need them, then to not have them when you need them most.

As always, I hope you and your family stay safe. If you have any comments or want to see something put on the site don’t hesitate to comment.

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