Necessary Survival Gear for the Next Disaster

emergency kit, survival manualEveryone should have some form of emergency kit…

The problem is that a lot of people have no idea what emergency essentials they should have.

Two of the key things needed is water and food.

Then you need to store your supplies…

It can all be very confusing to keep track of, so why not have a bag of supplies ready to go?

That’s where Ready America Emergency Kit comes in.

Something you can set in your closet and have ready to go at a moments notice!

The Ready America Emergency Kit has everything you need

  1. Food for 3 days
  2. water for 3 days
  3. complete first aid kit and the best part…
  4. backpack to store it all ready to go!

Why not have one for your car too?

These are great to have when you’re traveling, especially if its the middle of winter.

If you get stranded you have everything you need to wait the 5 to 6 hours it takes for a tow truck to get to you.

This emergency kit is perfect for any survival enthusiast!

Survival guide, emergency essentialsWhat other survivors are saying about this emergency kit…

I’ve really needed to get an emergency bag for a long time. I’m so paranoid about earthquakes that I put my clothes for the next day out in a spot from which they will be easily grabbed as I’m running out of my house. I have tons of water but that’s about it. This kit is technically for 2 people but I got it for me so I have twice the supplies now. The backpack is fine – decent quality for what it is – ideally you aren’t going to need it for more than a few days. That being said, I do like to over-prepare (when I finally get around to it) and decided to add some things. This is a great starting place but I’ve also included extra band-aids, water tablets, matches, a solar+hand crank flashlight/radio/cell phone charger combo, a swiss army knife, and a deck of cards because hey, you might get bored what with no internets to keep you company. I won’t lie, I needed to get a bigger bag. And then I used this one for supplies for my cat. So I guess now I really am the crazy cat lady but I am prepared! For… something. – K. Price

This is a cheap, easy way to get a bag that meets the “Get out of Dodge” Need. With preparedness you can spend literally years planning, purchasing, storing the right stuff. For every item you choose you can find some crank on the internet that will accuse you of capital crimes for buying the wrong item. That could lead to analysis paralysis. This item solves for that. For not a lot of money, you can buy this item and know that in a worst-case scenario, you’ll have the basics covered with a nicely-packed, ready-to-do item you can have at the ready. Get these now and customize/optimize later. You can probably pack a bit more into these bags too if you want. – Todd Justman

Highly recommended. I think this is a great start to my preparing a to go bag. The price is a good price for three days of supplies for two people. It is not everything I need, but it prompted me to start making a list of things I need. I like the bag and contents. I live in the south so I know how quickly weather can happen and things can happen. I plan to buy one for my son to keep in his car. – Ann

(Read more Ready America testimonials here)

Is this bag really worth getting?

The answer is yes!survival guide

If you are the beginning survival enthusiast or just looking for a ready to go at all times pack I can think of no better pack.

Ready America also has different sizes depending on what you need to do. They have ready made packs for a day all the way up to a week.

==>Get the survival kit here!<==

Best thing is it has 4 and a half stars out of 5

This is the pack for you, even includes fast free shipping!

Emergency essentials, survival guide





Ready America Emergency Kit F.A.Q.

Q: Where to buy survival kits?

A: You can get a really good emergency survival kit through Amazon here.

Q: What contents are in the emergency kit?

A: Sustains two people for three days, Includes food, water, and emergency blankets, One 33-piece first aid kit, Two safety light sticks, A backpack keeps supplies at the ready.



Good luck, and may this pack save you from the next disaster!

-Caveman Survivalist